Become one of World-class universities based on intellectuality, creativity, and entrepreneurship which excels in quality management and execution of University’s value of education, research, and community service.

1. Becoming World-class University means :
  a. adopt national and international standards of university management,
  b. become a university that carries out best practices carried out by world-class universities,
  c. contribute to the development of science, technology, and art which was acknowledged by the global community,
  d. have graduates who have global competency and competitiveness,
  e. establish collaboration and network with foreign universities,
  f. Recognized internationally.
2. Based on intellectuality, creativity and entrepreneurship means that in order to become a world class university, the university must be supported by and produce human resources that are:
  a. Intellect: intelligent human resources, willing to think critically and analytically in developing new ideas and knowledge;
  b. Creative: human resources that are innovatively able to apply new knowledge to various products that can improve humanity welfare;
  c. Entrepreneurial:  human resources capable of packing (selling) these products so that they can generate economic profits.
  Thus, the university will be known as a university that not only produces intelligent and critical (intellectual) thinkers who are academically capable, but also produce people who have creative minds and are able to create jobs.
3. Superior in the quality of the management of education, research, and community service means:
  We believe that Esa Unggul University (EUU) will become a world-class university and have a high reputation if it is able to contribute to society through the dissemination of science (education), the discovery of new knowledge (research) and the application of science to the superior welfare of humanity (community service), which is superior. Superior means the best and the foremost.


1. Organizing quality and relevant higher education.
2. Creating a conducive academic atmosphere.
3. Providing excellent service to all stakeholders.

The objectives of carrying out these missions are:

1. Human resources with character and high competitiveness.
2. Development of science, technology and art, as well as human welfare.
3. Healthy and independent universities.
4. A reputable college.