Intellectual Property Rights Consultation Center located at Esa Unggul University, Jakarta


Head : Drs. Agus Pribadiono , SH, MH



EUU KI Center is a work unit that supports university values in education, research, and community service through KI-oriented science and technology research and development activities, enhancing institutional cooperation and facilitating intellectual property management especially for the academics of Esa Unggul University and society at large.


The EUU KI Center is a work unit within Esa Unggul University which has the following  functions:

  1. Encourage research and development programs especially those that are KI oriented
  2. Carry out inventory and socialization of KI for the academic community in EUU and the community.
  3. Providing information services regarding the results of research and development in an effort to obtain KI protection
  4. Assist the community, in the process of acquiring KI
  5. Encouraging commercialization of KI products, especially from the EUU environment
  6. Implement technology transfer programs from intellectual property owned by EUU


KI Scope

  1. Copyright (copyrights)
  2. Industrial Property Rights, such as patents, brands, Industrial Designs, Integrated circuit design, Trade Secrets and Geographical Indications.



Brosur Lembaga Sentra Kekayaan Intelektual (KI)