Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) of Esa Unggul UniversityThe Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI) is an organization of young entrepreneurs throughout Indonesia. It was founded on June 10, 1972, based on the spirit to grow entrepreneurs among young people. One of the goals of HIPMI is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit, fostering, developing, and advancing young Indonesian entrepreneurs.

Therefore, we hope this organization can be realized at Esa Unggul University, considering that Esa Unggul University and HIPMI both have one-on-one vision and mission and with the presence of HIPMI at Esa Unggul University will help realize the vision and mission of Esa Unggul University.

The establishment of the HIPMI organization at Esa Unggul University aims to create a forum or organization that gathers Esa Unggul University students who have an entrepreneurial spirit to be able to realize their business and to expand their business by connecting to Esa Unggul students and young entrepreneurs from other campuses. As we know that University of Esa Unggul highly upholds Entrepreneurship value, so the existence of the HIPMI organization further supports the creation of Esa Unggul University students and alumni with the spirit of Entrepreneurship.

It is expected that with the HIPMI organization in Esa Unggul, it can help students to expand networking, add insight in business and economics, and increase experience in doing business and organization. Therefore, this is not only a desire but also a need for Esa Unggul students who mostly want to become entrepreneurs.


Become a superior, world-class campus entrepreneurship community with Spiritual, Creativity and Intellectuality velue (SKI) to create prosperity for all the people of Indonesia Raya and become a representation of young Indonesian intellectual entrepreneurs in National and International level.



  1. Establish an organizational system by strengthening the values of Integrity, Passion, Creativity, Humility, and Professionalism of Esa Unggul University.
  2. Building an extensive network with internal and external campus institutions at national and international levels.
  3. Maximizing the potential and interests of members of the entrepreneurial spirit through science and social conditions.
  4. Influencing the entrepreneurial spirit with the concept of SKI (Spiritual, Creativity, and Intellectuality).


Esa Unggul University is a business campus that educates its students to become entrepreneurs and professionals who are not only smart but also have good character.

To help realize the vision and mission of Esa Unggul University as an educational institution that forms entrepreneurs with character, we as students want to contribute to realizing the vision and mission of Esa Unggul University by establishing HIPMI (Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association) at Esa Unggul University. Therefore, by combining the values of Entrepreneurship and HIPMI community, students can be helped to become young entrepreneurs with good character.

With HIPMI community (Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association) at Esa Unggul University, encouraging Esa Unggul University students to further expand their network, insight and experience in the business world. So that this community will provide many positive effects for Esa Unggul University students.



HIPMI is an organization of national business cadres based on Pancasila.



  1. Pancasila;
  2. The 1945 Constitution;
  3. Act No.1 of 1987 concerning the Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
  4. Articles of Association / Bylaws of HIPMI;
  5. Decisions of MUNAS HIPMI.


HIPMI is an Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs organization that unites with intent and purpose as follows :

  1. Encourage and participate in developing the entrepreneurial spirit among younger generation;
  2. Fostering, advancing, and developing young generation of entrepreneurs to be professional, strong, and resilient entrepreneurs in the business sectors they pursue;
  3. Acting as a strategic partner of the Government in the success of the national and regional development processes towards the creation of a just and prosperous society;
  4. Participate in empowering appropriate businesses to use, explore, and utilize natural resources while continuing to strive for and prevent the occurrence of damage and pollution to the environment, fostering, and developing human resources in the technological process towards professionalism and copyright, to support economic growth and national stability and resilience;
  5. Forming National Entrepreneurs who are nationalistic in mind, who have business morals and ethics and are able to compete internationally.



Short Term

  1. Launching Esa Unggul University HIPMI
  2. Seminar
  3. Bazaar
  4. Business Plan Competition
  5. Field Busines Practice
  6. Business Together


Long Term

  1. Comparative Study Visits to Companies and Universities
  2. Monitoring



Chairman : Taufiq Hidayat (Akuntansi 2014)

Vice Chairman : Nindia Destiani Azka (Akuntansi 2014)

General Secretary : Vita Intan Safitri (Akuntansi 2014)

Vice General Secretary : Fridayani Abdul Karim (Public Relation 2014)

General Treasurer : Katryn Trie Wicak Insani (Akuntansi 2014)

Vice General Treasurer : Nilma Avianti Arvica (Akuntansi 2014)

Field I Head : Herdie Indracaya (Public Relation 2014))

  • Membership Compartment : Sopiatu Nida ( Accounting 2014) & Dio Chandra ( Public Relations 2014)
  • Development Research Compartment : Zaky Rabbani (Law 2014) & Reynald (Accounting 2014)
  • Educational Training Compartment : Andre Massetio (Law 2014)


Field II Head : Naning Putri Utami (Accounting 2014)

  • External Relations Compartment : Indah (International Program 2015)
  • Media and IT Compartment : Ana Fitri -(Accounting 2014)
  • Capital Compartment : Muhamad Ramdoni (Accounting 2014)


Field Head III : Henky Chandra – Law 2015

  • Creative Industry Compartment : Ratna Puspita (Public Health 2014) & Hafizh (Management 2014)
  • Agribusiness Compartment : Fitria Dita
  • Franchise Culinary Compartment : Abdul Tri Handoko (Management 2014)
  • Services and Tourism Compartment : Abdul Karim (Accounting 2014) & Reza Nanda Faula (Management 2014)


Location of HIPMI Secretariate PT Esa Unggul University, 4th floor of the New Building, Rc 403 entrepreneurial incubator.