EUU SPMI Standard

The standard of Esa Unggul SPMI contains various criteria, sizes, benchmarks, or specifications of all higher education activities in EUU in order to achieve its Vision, Mission and Objectives.

The function of the standard of Esa Unggul SPMI is to act as an indicator that shows the quality of EUU, and as a performance benchmark that must be achieved by all EUU academic staffs. In addition, this document is a written evidence that EUU has complied with the applicable laws and regulations, and has also provided higher education service delivery that is appropriate, even beyond national standards.

Esa Unggul University SPMI Standard consists of:

  1. National Standards of Higher Education that are mandatory and have been determined by the Government based on the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Regulation Number 44 of 2015 concerning National Standards for Higher Education, namely:

The National Education Standards consist of:

1)      Graduate Competencies Standards

2)      Learning Context Standards

3)      Learning Process Standards

4)      Learning Evaluation Standards

5)      Lecturer and Education Personnel Standards

6)      Learning Facility and Infrastructure Standards

7)      Learning Management Standards

8)      Learning Financing Standards

The National Research Standard consist of :

1) Research Result Standards

2) Research Content Standards

3) Research Process Standards

4) Research Assessment Standards

5) Researcher Standards

6) Research Infrastructure Standards

7) Research Management Standards

8) Research Funding and Financing Standards


The National Community Service Standard consist of :

1)      Community Service Result Standards

2)      Community Service Content Standards

3)      Community Service Process Standards

4)      Community Service Assessment Standards

5)      Community Service Implementation Standards

6)      Community Service Facilities and Infrastructure Standards

7)      Community Service Management Standards

8)      Funding and Financing Community Service Standards


  1. Standards set by Esa Unggul University in order to exceed the National Standard of Higher Education, namely:

1) Institutional Management Standards

2) Academic Atmosphere Standards

3) Service Support Standards

4) Library Standards

5) Toilet Standards

6) Information Technology Standards

7) Computer Laboratory Standards

8) Academic Guidance Standards

9) Final Project Standards

10) Campus Environmental Standards (Free of smoking, alcohol, and narcotics)

11) New Student Admission Standards

12) Employee Acceptance Standards

13) Full-time Lecturer Acceptance Standards

14) Semester Exam Implementation Standards

15) Integrated Laboratory of Health Sciences Standards

16) Scholarship Standards

17) Cooperation Standards

18) Long Range Education Standards

19) Identity Standards

20) Student Standards

21) Study Program Standards

22) Semester Learning Plan Standards

23) Learning Module Standards

24) Presentation Material Standards

25) Health Service for Student Standards

26) Building Maintenance and Maintenance Standards

27) Occupational Safety and Health Standards

28) Career Guidance Standards

29) Tracer Study and Graduate User Satisfaction Survey Standards

30) Monitoring and Evaluating Performance of Lecturers and Education Personnel Standards