EUU SPMI Manuals

Esa Unggul SPMI manual contains practical instructions on ways, steps, or procedures regarding the implementation or application of EUU SPMI Standard. Broadly speaking, this manual explains about the parties who must implement the standard and stages of activities that must be carried out in order to meet each of EUU SPMI standards.

EUU SPMI Manual Document consists of:

  1. Standard Setting Manual
  2. Standard Implementation Manual
  3. Standard Implementation Evaluation Manual
  4. Standard Control Manual
  5. Standard Improvement Manual

The function of EUU SPMI Manual is to serve as a guide for standard implementers consisting of leaders of work units, both from the implementing elements of the academic, academic support, and administrative executives as well as lecturers and education personnel in meeting or exceeding the indicators of achievement of EUU SPMI standards.