SPMI Policy of Esa Unggul University covers all university aspects, both in the academic field and in non-academic fields. Policies in the academic field include policies related to the implementation of university values, namely policies in the field of education, policies in the field of research and policies in the field of community service. While policies in the non-academic field include policies that are related to administrative activities and management of resources at Esa Unggul University.

EUU SPMI policy is implemented at every level and in every line, both in the academic implementing unit, in the academic support units and in the administrative units. 


EUU SPMI Functions

EUU SPMI serves to control the delivery of education to actualize quality higher education. 


EUU SPMI Objectives

  1. Maintaining and improving the quality of the implementation of higher education in EUU on an ongoing basis;
  2. Ensuring systemic and sustainable fulfillment of EUU Standards so as to encourage the growth and development of a quality culture in EUU environment;
  3. Meeting the needs of EUU stakeholders;
  4. Realizing EUU’s vision and mission.


EUU SPMI Policy Statement

  1. The entire EUU academic community has a strong commitment to holding higher education with superior quality, so as to produce graduates who are of high quality and competitiveness, as well as to contribute to the development of science and technology and the welfare of mankind.
  2. To supervise and realize these commitments, EUU establishes Esa Unggul University Internal Quality Assurance System (EUU SPMI), which refers to the needs of stakeholders and the provisions of the prevailing laws and regulations.
  3. Through EUU SPMI, all of EUU academic community members strive to always participate in efforts to improve the EUU’s performance actively and sustainably.
  4. Periodically and sustainably, at all levels of the organization, EUU SPMI will always be evaluated and improved.


EUU SPMI Principle of Implementation

In order to ensure the continuity of EUU SPMI, the implementation must be based on the following principles:

1. prioritizing the quality and satisfaction of stakeholders;

2. open and honest communication;

3. access to information needed in carrying out work;

4. focus on the process;

5. continuous improvement based on data;

6. always refers to the principle of “no success or failure, there is only valuable experience to be learned.”