Golden Dance Campus is one of the UKM (Student Activity Units) at Esa Unggul University, West Jakarta, which houses modern dance. Established since 2001 and continues to grow to this day. Golden Dance Campus itself has the meaning of a collection / crew dancer from our golden campus, namely Esa Unggul. One member of GDC who has become an alumni of Esa Unggul University is also Chika Waode.

                 This modern dance UKM is quite interesting on our campus. Many activities and events from various faculties invited GDC to fill the event. Over time, the GDC is increasingly more popular. Not only hip-hop, GDC also accepts dancing talents from all genres, such as robotic, poppin, ladies style, breakdance, kpop dance cover, breakbone, and so on.

Pembimbing      : Devi Latif

Ketua                    : Feby Lamtiur Simorangkir

Bendahara          : Nadya Shavira

Sekretaris            : Anggun W. Putri

                                  Tiara Gita Fitri

Sie. Design          : Maisie Martiani

Sie. Humas          : Laras Purwi Nurhandayani

                                  Ketty Dame H. S

                                  Sessy Pretty Kirana