Esa Unggul Karate used to be called Karate Club Technique (TKC) under the auspices of Engineering Faculty BEM. It was a Dojo Wadokai at the time of 2004. At the first time it was founded by Kang Asep from the Faculty of Engineering, who later become a member of the first period of DPMU and karate trainer Senpay Aswan. In 2003-2004, Asep encouraged pre-UKM with Wadokai background. Furthermore, the pre-UKM Karate was officially established as a Karate UKM in 2006 led by Siti from the Faculty of Industrial Engineering


Names of Karate Leaders :

  1. Siti ( Industrial Engineering ) batch 2006 – Holds the Intrent Championship Event
  2. Frenky ( Planology ) batch 2007
  3. Faradilla ( Psychology ) batch 2008 – Held a Wadokai Championship Event between students
  4. Susanti ( Psychology) batch 2009
  5. Suci ( Nursing ) batch 2010 – Holds the Intrent Wadokai Event
  6. M. Zikri (zack) ( Physiotherapy) batch 2011
  7. Dede Mamiati ( Communication Science ) batch 2012
  8. Eko ( Physiotherapy ) batch 2013
  9. Eva ( Industrial Engineering) batch 2014
  10. Naufal Azmi ( Communication Science ) batch 2015
  11. Ratna ( Public Health ) batch 2016


Karate training was held every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Karate training is usually done in front of the library (New Building). On Tuesday, Kareta carried out basic training, and on Thursday held a Kumite exercise.

EUU Karate participated in the Wadokai Circuit championship on December 17, 2015 and received 3 (three) Silver 1 (one) Bronze. Then, the Monas Cup championship on November 13, 2016,  at SMPN 178 West Jakarta received 3 (three) gold and 1 (one) silver, on December 1, 2016 at Cirasas Gor East Jakarta, karate Esa Unggul received 2 (two) Gold and 1 (one) Silver.


Foto Kegiatan Karate :

Foto anggota UKM KARATE


Foto Kejuaraan Sirkuit Wadokai


Foto Kejuaraan Monas Cup


Foto Menghadiri Upacara Pembukaan Kejuaraan Karate Pomprov


Foto Kejuaraan Pomprov


Foto Kegiatan Gashuku Karate Esa Unggul


Juara 3 Ridho Ahmad Fauzi dan Feggi Julita dalam kejuaraan karate 1st Silent Knight Indonesia Open 2017