Festival Bahasa dan Kebudayaan

Hi guys…. This October, Lembaga Bahasa dan Kebudayaan of Esa Unggul University organizes Festival of Language and Culture which will be held at Kebun Jeruk Campus. There will be seminars & workshop from RELO (Regional English Language Officer) of U.S Embassy, International Test Center (ITC) – Indonesia, British Council, and the Ministry of Education and [...]

Institute for Continuing Education Profile

The Institute for Continuing Education is: The institution that is tasked with preparing national / international certified training programs in accordance with the competencies needed / arranged by each study program.The certification is needed by prospective graduates to be included in the SKPI (Certificate of Accompanying Diploma) as mandated by Permendikbud No. 81 of 2014 […]


Lembaga Konsultasi Dan Bantuan Hukum Esa Unggul

Consultation Institutions and Legal Assistanceembaga Konsultasi Esa Unggul Legal Consultation and Assistance Institute abbreviated ESA UNGGUL LKBH Located at Esa Unggul University, Jakarta. Head : Zulfikar, SH, M.Kn   ESA UNGGUL LKBH functions: Act as a forum to gather for each student, teaching staff and alumni, especially EUU Faculty of Law without distinguishing their origin, [...]
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Intellectual Property Center (KI)

Intellectual Property Rights Consultation Center located at Esa Unggul University, Jakarta   Head : Drs. Agus Pribadiono , SH, MH   DUTY, SUBJECT, AND FUNCTIONS EUU KI Center is a work unit that supports university values in education, research, and community service through KI-oriented science and technology research and development activities, enhancing institutional cooperation and […]

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Language and Cultural Institutions

Esa Unggul as a university feels called to increase understanding of cultural and linguistic diversity at the local, national and international levels through the Language and Culture Institute. Rector of Esa Unggul University Arief Kusuma, M.B.A said that aside from being used to learn various languages and cultures, the establishment of this institution is […]



Child Crisis Care & Education Services Direct assistance program to help parents / caregivers in dealing with or changing child behavior that is considered disturbing (Crisis Nursery Services-CNS)         Potential Mapping Activities to know for certain your strengths and weaknesses         Competence Evaluation Activities to determine exactly what someone […]

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EUU PLP Profile

EUU Psychology Service Center (EUU-PLP) Everyone is unique. Each of us have unique potentials, competence and personality. One of the responsibilities in life is to understand its peculiarities, and to empower those peculiarities for the common good. The more we understands and gives ourself, the more we benefits the people around us. As elephants are […]

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