The Swans Putra retainer who won the DBL champion

The Swans Putra retainer who won the DBL champion

Esa Unggul University basketball team (The Swans) won in the Honda DBL EXHIBITION GAMES 2018 which held on September 8-15 at Gelanggang Olahraga Lokasari, DKI Jakarta. This event is a national tournament and participated by a number of teams and university from several regions.

The manager of The Swans’ Boy, Fachmi said that in this event The Swans succeed to bring the title between Boy’s and Girl’s teams. In the final, The Swans’ Boy defeated the basketball team from the University of Indonesia (Universitas Indonesia) with the score is 28-34, while The Swans won a workout from STIE Rawamangun, Jakarta.

The Swans Player

The Swans Player

Fachmi also said that the preparation to attend this event is done for 10 days with intensive exercises. And also, He said that the next target is attending an Event Campus League in Malang on September 28 later.

“I hope The Swans capable to get a championship title in a number of basketball event including the closest event in Malang, and I hope they are able to bring the championship title again” close him.

Two Cups that were won When winning the Champion

Two Cups that were won When winning the Champion

The Swans boy’s team :

Yoshell Gunawan, (Management, 7th semester)

Hans Eka Wijaya (Management, 5th semester)

Erlan Perkasa (Accounting, 5th semester)

Alfredo Tanujaya Julianto (Law, 5th semester)

Althof Dwira Satrio (Broadcasting, 5th semester)

Hendra (Communication Sciences, 7th semester)

Agus Salim (Information Systems, 7th semester)

Agam Subastian Ramadhan (Management, 7th semester)

Micky Kwee (Management, 7th semester)

Arion Tio (Management, 7th semester)

Sigit Setiawan (Communication Sciences, 7th semester).

The Swans girl’s team :

Sien Marthina (Accountant, 9th semester)

Delaya Maria ( Management, 9th semester)

Kadek Pratita Citta Dewi ( Management, 9th semester)

Anjelin Rosmika Simanjuntak (Broadcasting, 3rd semester)

Tiara Aulia Denaya ( Broadcasting, 3rd semester)

Kadek Sanis Jisanceghi (Psychology, 3rd semester)

Fitria Ramadhani Madjid ( Management, 5th semester)

Stella Fabiola (Accountant, 7th semester)

Jane Charissa Adelaide (Psychology, 7th semester)

Shira Amadea Chalik (Psychology, 7th semester)

Elita Tanujaya (Management, 1st semester)

Valerie Fradela (Public Relations, 1st semester)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]