Jakarta – Student Activity Unit (UKM) is one of the Student facilities, in adding knowledge and experience in the world of lectures. Which aims to improve achievement not only academic achievement but also non-academic.Esa Unggul University has many UKMs, one of them is the Theatre UKM. The theatre is named “Sanggul”, given the name “Sanggul”  which stands for Esa Unggul. Sanggul theatre itself has been around since June 28, 2000. This UKM was founded by a combination of several Faculty of Communication students and the Faculty of Economics who have an artistic spirit in theatrical field. Until now, Sanggul Theatre is almost 18 years old.
The founder of Sanggul Theatre was first named Edu in 2001. And continued by Denny and Ayu until now. They are all alumni from Esa Unggul University. The continuation of Sanggul Theatre until now is inseparable from the fact that there are still many people who are interested in works of art, especially the theatrical art itself. There are many scripts and scenarios played in this Sanggul theatre.
  1. Nyanyian angsa karya WS.Rendra
  2. Antigone – karya sophocles
  3. Lysistra – karya aristophanes
  4. Ben gotun – karya saini km
  5. Teroris karya albert camus
  6. Komedi alam baka – karya A. basrtari asnin
  7. Proyek – karya agnes yani
  8. Penjara 1 – karya Delezadi
  9. Penjara 2 – karya delezadi
Ketua umum : Francilius
ketua harian : Fathurrozak
Sekertaris : Ruth Rani Liane Segala
Bendahara : Najmah Sarie
humas: Fadhil Hadi
Pelatih : Denny Lezandi
Sutradara : Delezadi


Kegiatan-kegiatan Teater Sanggul :



Komede Alam Baka








Percakapan Dua Penari


Temu Teater Se-Nusantara MALANG