1.1.  Background

Student Activity Unit (abbreviated as UKM) is a place for students outside the classroom to develop certain interests, talents and expertise. This institution is a partner of other intra-campus Student organizations such as student senates and student executive bodies, both at the level of study programs, majors, and universities. This institution is autonomous, and not as a branch of the executive or student senate.

The student activity unit consists of three interest groups:

  • Sports activities unit, (Basketball, Soccer,Volleyball,UKM)
  • Art activity unit. ( Band, UKM, Drama, Art and Culture, etc.)
  • Special activity units (Scouts, Student Regiments, Student Presses, Student Cooperatives, Spiritual Units, Nature Lovers Students (Mapala), etc.).

Due to great interest of students to make music, the UKM Band was formed within Esa Unggul University. UKM Band is a forum for Esa Unggul University students to develop their interests and
talents in the field of music. The UKM Band itself has been formed since 2003 which has won the title as the best UKM among all UKMs in Esa Unggul University in 2006.


I.2.    Goals and targets

Goals of Band UKM are :

  1. Making the campus a place for creativity in music.
  2. Channel students' interests and talents in music.
  3. Channel student’s potential to further develop their knowledge in music.
  4. As a campus delegation in music competitions both from campus and festival.
  5. Untuk menunjang kegiatan yang berjalan secara rutin dalam UKM BAND.
  6. To support activities that run routinely in UKM BAND.
  7. To provide proposals for means of supporting the availability of tools to play music such as guitars,
    drums, bass and other musical instruments.
  1. Targets :
    1. All active students of Esa Unggul University who are interested in the world of music


1.3     Meaning of Logo or UKM Symbol


The philosophy of the circle that shows the logo of UKM is intended as a globe that contains musical notes to respresent music. Overall it can be described as a music world. The writing on the logo that reads UKM Band shows that it is an UKM band and the writing under the logo that reads Esa Unggul shows that the UKM is under the auspices of Esa Unggul University.



2.1.  Duty and authority     

1. Leader : Have the authority to lead and coordinate activities.
2. Vice Leader : Have the authority to replace the leader’s duties when the leader is unable to attend
3. Secretary : Duty to Record and conclude the results of meetings and routine activities.
4. Treasurer : Hold financial control in UKM Band
5. Public Relations : Bertugas memberikan pengumuman ketika akan ada kegiatan yang akan dilangsungkan.
6. Inventarist : Maintain all inventory tools in the UKM Band
7. Event : Organizing UKM Band event activities
8. Documentation : Mendokumentasikan seluruh kegiatan yang dilaksanakan oleh UKM Band



2.2.  Board of Management

The composition of the management and members of the UKM management includes

  1. Leader                     : Agathis Labilaridieri A
  2. Vice Leader             : Viqz Fully Aditama
  3. Secretary                 : Deni Azhryadi Sawati
  4. Vice Secretary        : Deviani Jianatiyah
  5. Treasurer                : Lino Prinda Wibawa
  6. Vice Treasurer       : Yusina Ulfa
  7. Public Relations     : Fadli, Sanjerry Jordan Sirait, Gondiel Naufal
  8. Inventarist              : Antony Ryuslie, Ardra Mahardika, Heri
  9. Event                        : Gesit Ahmad Rifai, M. Akbar Rudiansyah, Nugi Fathurrahman, Arif
  10. Documentation      : Unggul Nirwana, Faritzi Surya Atmaja



3.1.  Activity executor / Person in Charge


Routine Exercise for UKM Band members

Executor                      : UKM band members

Purpose                       : To increase their skill in band

Implementation Time  : Everyday


2. Art event entitled “Good night, Art””

Executor                    : UKM band members

Purpose                          : To combine various works of art in one night

Implementation Time    : End of 2017 or early 2018

3. Jam Session (UKM Band Musical Event )

Executor                         : UKM band members

Purpose                           : To provide entertainment to all Esa Unggul University students

Implementation Time      : Once in three weeks on Thursday


4. Band Festival between faculties

Executor                       : UKM band members

Purpose                        : Selecting a good band to be competed with a university representative band Implementation Time    : Mid-year or end of 2017


5. MUBES (Mass Deliberation)

Executor                         : UKM band members

Purpose                           : To replace the old Organizational Structure and AD-ART

Implementation Time      : Mid ear of 2018


Kegiatan-kegiatan UKM Band :

Inagurasi Oktober 2013


Orange’s Day 2016


Penggalangan dana bakti sosial EMBRO VI bekerjasama dengan Bem Univ. Esa Unggul & Yayasan Birrul Waalidain Bogor