Root Cause Analysis Using Cause and Effect Diagram to Identify Application Requirement


One of the ways to solve a problem is to identify the problem and its causes using root cause analysis method. The main problem discussed in this research is the ineffective business process used to handle service order from customer. Method used in identifying the problem and finding the solution is Cause and Effect Diagram. This diagram is used because it may help to illustrate the causal factors of a problem and to determine which factors have biggest contribution towards the main problem. The result of the problem analysis in the business process is used to determine the best solution that will be implemented into the mobile application that will be built. Thus, the built application may adjust the needs of the company and address its problems. The conclusion of this research is that the root causes of the problem are process and human factors. Therefore, solution implemented into the application focus on the business process improvement that can facilitate and prevent the users to make mistakes during the course of the process.


  1. Riya Widayanti
  2. Siti Afifah


International Conference on Recent Innovation 2018