Brand Image Affects Patient Intention in Reusing Services Through Patient Satisfaction


In today’s highly competitive healthcare industry the effect of a patient’s intention to re-use hospital services is critical to the survival of a hospital industry. The purpose of this study is to obtain empirical evidence on the relationship between service quality, brand image, patient satisfaction and intention in reusing services in the Mother and Child Hospital Murni Asih (RSIA Murni Asih), Tangerang. The research method is quantitative with associative causality research design. The population is polyclinic patient of RSIA Murni Asih with the sample amounted to 100 respondents. Sampling is done by non probability sampling method, sampling technique is purposive sampling, the research instrument used questionnaires with 4 step interval scale. The results were analyzed gradually through path analysis. The result of the research shows that: quality of service affect patient satisfaction, brand image affect patient satisfaction, patient affects the intention in reusing services, service quality influences the intention of reusing services through patient satisfaction, and brand image influence the intention of reusing services through patient satisfaction. The findings obtained in this study is that to make patients feel satisfied then the quality of service and brand image of the hospital should be improved, which in turn increased patient satisfaction will have an impact on increasing the intention in reusing service. The implication is that management needs to do a more aggressive promotion to improve the brand image, conduct training related to service quality, and supervise the applicable standard operating procedures. It aims to increase patient satisfaction because patients who are satisfied in the end will cause the patient’s intention to return when sick.


  1. Budiharto
  2. Hasyim


International Conference on Recent Innovation 2018