Implementation Good University Governance To Improve Students Quality


This study aims to see the implementation of the Good University Governance (GUG) provided by University through index measurements with models Implementation of University Governance at University of EsaUnggul (UEU). This model is expected to be of empirical studies on Agency Theory as the main theories and Resource Based Theory (RBT) as supporting the theory, in terms of the principal aspects as the owner or agent of the University. Application of this model is expected to be able to provide relevant information to all academia’s’ as a stakeholders, this study seen from the perspective of agency theory. The selected research subjects are entire academic community and stakeholders on UEU. This study was explanatory research, since this study seeks to explain the influence between variables by testing the hypothesis of this study also includes causality research study was designed to identify a causal relationship between the variables studied. Causal relationships are examined in this study was the effect of implementation of Good University Government (GUG)To improve the quality of students. The analysis technique used in this study is hypothesis testing using path analysis (pathanalysis). The reason for the use of this pathway analysis is based on the consideration thatthe path analysis has the ability to combine the multidimensional simultaneously and efficiently. Path analysis is used to test the hypothesis by using techniques Partial Least Square.


  1. Adrie Putra
  2. Sri Handayani
  3. Abdurrahman


International Conference on Recent Innovation 2018