Esa Unggul University Research and Community Service Institute, abbreviated as EUU-LPPM, was formed in 1994 and legalized on October 1, 1998 based on the Decree of the Head of Kemala Foundation No. 041 / KYK / SK / X / 98. EUU-LPPM is an autonomous unit that answers directly to the Rector.

Within the University’s organizational structure, EUU-LPPM is:

The element of implementing research activities in charge of coordinating research activities, seeking and controlling research resources.


The element of implementing Community Service activities in charge of coordinating, monitoring, assessing and documenting community service activities.

In line with its development EUU-LPPM already has several activity centers, namely:

  1. Settlement and Urban Area Research and Development Center
  2. Research and Development of Information Resources Center
  3. Language and Culture Research and Development Center
  4. Business and Entrepreneurship Research and Development Center
  5. Union and UKM Research and Development Center
  6. Applied Psychology Research and Development Center
  7. Public Health Services Center
  8. Legal and Human Rights Assistance Services Center
  9. Women’s Studies Research and Development Center
  10. Human Resources Research and Development Center
  11. Industrial Design Research and Development Center
  12. Scientific Journal Management Center

In carrying out its functions, EUU-LPPM carries out the following main tasks:

  1. Carry out research on science, technology and social problems, both for educational purposes and for development purposes
  2. Executing Community service activities




EUU-LPPM conducts activities to coordinate the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of research activities as well as reviewing and documenting the research activities, in addition, EUU-LPPM take part in contributing and controlling research resources, with the main tasks as follows :

  • Organizing research activities in the fields of science, technology, and socio-culture.
  • Conduct studies in the fields of development and development in the fields of science, technology, economics and socio-culture.


EUU-LPPM in the field of Community Service is tasked with carrying out, coordinating, monitoring and assessing the implementation of Community Service activities, documenting and participating in the necessary resources, with the main tasks as follows :

  • Reviewing science, technology, socio-culture for development purposes through community education and training activities, consultation and advocacy, and business incubation.
  • Carry out efforts to mobilize resources for community development needs.
  • Carry out the development of community-based development patterns and conceptions.



1. Attached at a Glance LPPM, Regional and Urban Development Center LPPM, Cooperative Research and Development Center and Small and Medium Enterprises (P3K UKM), Human Resources Research and Development Center, Industrial Design Research and Development Center, LPPM Organizational Structure and Study Program Achievement Lists National and International Level, namely Esa Unggul University LPPM

2. Enclosed Research Master Plan (RIP) 2017 – 2021 and Strategic Plan (RENSTRA) Community Service 2017 – 2021

3. Attached