Esa Unggul Character

The character of Esa Unggul University that must be guided and characterizes all of its academics, especially its graduates.

  1. Visionary: insight far into the future
  2. Ethical: dignified, behaved respectfully, polite, committed, upholds moral values such as honesty, tolerance, justice, democracy, scientific attitude, respect for differences of opinion and responsibility in management and decision making, and in answering social, moral and academic problems.
  3. Motivator: ability to motivate themselves (initiative) and motivate others (leadership spirit).
  4. Fair: to be fair to anyone at any time.
  5. High Spirit : working with high motivation and commitment, and enthusiastic
  6. Collaboration: ability and willingness to cooperate with others.
  7. Superior : committed to being the most superior in every activity, with referring to the highest international standards.


The character of Esa Unggul University is abbreviated in two words: “VISI EMASKU”

The word EMAS which stands for those values, aside from representing Esa Unggul University campus, the Golden Campus, it also symbolizes something noble. Because gold is a precious metal. Gold does not rust, not consumed by time, and is always valuable and relevant from time to time. Just like the character of EUU academic community.


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Visi Emasku Karakter Esa Unggul