Operational and Human Resource Strategies for Start-up Business of Peking Duck Farm Integrated with Eco-green


The rate of Banten population growth from year to year make it as a potential market which is quite large for the development of peking duck farming business in the future. In this case, peking duck farming needs to be innovated from traditional maintenance management systems that must be abandoned, costly modern intensive maintenance management and pollute the environment into an efficient and eco-green intensive maintenance system by applying the same system partnership pattern to its core. Integrated eco-green intensive peking duck breeding farm utilizing Azolla Microphylla and hedge leaf as feed supplement and other germplasm utilization. The Azolla Microphylla plant serves as a phytoremediation where it can recycle livestock wastewater into clean water thereby reducing excessive water exploitation and reducing the pollution of the stench. The purpose of this research is to obtain information about the operational strategy to start up the business of peking duck integrated with eco-green model. The mapping of operational and human resources strategy is carried out comprehensively by always making continuous improvement (kaizen). The Mckinsey 7’S framework is used in human resources development to analyze internal aspects of the organization of the company in which elements of Mckinsey 7’S if working properly and aligned then will be a factor of success of the company.


  1. Jaenudin Rifai
  2. Tantri Yanuar Rahmat Syah
  3. Nofi Erni


International Conference on Recent Innovation 2018