Meningkatkan Pengetahuan Hukum Secara Dini Pada Anak-Anak Marjinal Di Sekolah Gratis Master Depok

The existence of marginal groups such as street children, singers, beggars and hawkers from year to year increase. Ironically, most of them belonging to children under age for work. They are scattered in various strategic locations, such as around the traffic light, strip malls, as well as a place that became the center of the crowd. But unfortunately, the existence of those who work in the street can disturb the tranquility and safety of others including himself, and therefore their existence is often pursued by Satpol PP (Satuan Polisi Pamong Praja). Therefore, many street children are traumatized and antipathy towards the government. It is this attitude that led to later acts disorderly and it is feared will lead to criminal acts such as stealing, impose, fighting, drugs, and the others. The purpose of this public service activities is to provide knowledge of the legal and ethical education of children in the elementary level of marginal Sekolah Gratis Master Depok. The method of implementation of these activities in the form of extension to provide an overview and explanation of some of the events of the empirical experienced by street children as well as sanctions of criminal threatening, as well as provide examples of good behavior when they are at school, at home, or outside the home. The results of this public service activities is the transfer of knowledge about the legal knowledge and ethical education when they interact with others in the school, home, or in their neighborhood for a living. The conclusion of this activity is the increased understanding of the legal and ethical when they are at home, school and place them earn a living. It can be detected by the question and answer session at the time of the extension took place.

Erwan Baharudin

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