Effect of Service Stigmatization to Patients Loyalty Moderated by Service Quality


Leprosy is considered a terrible disease and discriminated by society. Dr. Sitanala Leprosy Hospital Tangerang also suffered the impact of stigmatization. The purpose of this research was to obtain empirical evidence of the effect of service stigmatization on patient loyalty moderated by the quality of service in inpatient service of Dr. Sitanala Leprosy Hospital Tangerang. The study was conducted in the inpatient wards. Research was using casuality design with survey methods. It was conducted in January 2018. Samples were 92 respondents by random. Variables was healthservice stigmatization, service quality as a moderation variable and patient loyalty. Instruments used questionnaires with Likert Scale. The analysis used moderate regression analysis. The result of the research shown: that health service stigmatization had a significant negative effect on patient loyalty,that service quality influenced to patient loyalty, that service quality was moderating influence of health service stigmatization to patient loyalty. Quality of service was moderating health service stigmatization hence increased patient loyalty. The dominant dimension of stigmatization was fear of disclosure, quality dimension was empathy and loyalty was recommend friend. Health promotion improvement strategies can be done related to individual and institutional stigmatization, thus lowering the stigmatization rate. A strategy is required on the dimension of tangibility by completing high-tech facilities according to the public health needs, and strengthening the empathy dimension by improving competence. Efforts to reduce stigmatization by paying attention to perceived service quality as a strategy mechanism to increase patient loyalty.


  1. Nurbaiti
  2. Supriyantoro


International Conference on Recent Innovation 2018